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Peter McLinton


Peter is a fully trained Clarity (Three Principles) coach and broadcaster and has been helping people find their peace of mind, purpose and happiness for more than a decade.

Originally trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist he helped hundreds of people using NLP techniques and it was whilst he was looking for some 'new tools for his toolbox' that he came across the Three Principles.

He trained with Jamie Smart at Regents University in London's Regents Park firstly as a coach and then he went on to train as a mentor to other coaches.

With his innate understanding of the power of these principles he has helped many people gain a deeply grounded understanding into the psychological principles behind life and in doing so, they have truly begun to see through their 'contaminated thinking' to a world filled with possibilities.


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Whatever you are struggling with, Peter will help you to find your peace.

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So many people have benefitted from gaining an understanding of these three psychological principles.

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Find inspiration in Peter's blog. There really is something here to inspire you and enrich your approach to life


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