It’s Inside You, Turn Around

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2020

The treasure you seek is never ‘out there’ it is only ever ‘inside you’. 

There is nothing ‘out there’ apart from data. 

You mould that data into a personal meaning using your senses and the creative energy of thought. 

To put it another way, there is no reality. 

There is however your own personal reality. 

Life isn't happening to you, you are happening to your life. 

You are the creator and projector of your version of your life and not the passive viewer of the movie of life happening to you. 

At some level you already know this. 

You knew this when you were a young child

You ‘forgot’ this spiritual fact when you got older but the fact remains…

You live in your own personal reality and you create it using the creative energy of (personal) reality….thought. 

Guard your thoughts

The more aware you are of ‘contaminated thinking’ (mean, nasty, self crippling...

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All Suffering Is Obsession With Self

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2020
If you woke tomorrow with no idea who you were and no memory of the past, how would you know you had a problem?

Think on this awhile.

All suffering is of the ego.

All problems are thought problems.

All judgement comes from the ‘little mind’.

If you didn't take (your made up idea of) yourself so seriously you would have far fewer problems in your life.

How many problems, struggles, angst in your past centred entirely around you, someone else or both taking themselves too seriously?

Listening and acting upon your/their insecurities?

All suffering is obsession with self.

“Poor me”

“I'm right, they're wrong”

“Why can't they see it my way?”

The universe does not exist for you.

You exist for the universe.

Life does not exist for you.

You exist for life.

Life owes you nothing other than the fact that you are alive.

You will be rewarded in your life if you give value to life, both your own and others.

Stop expecting, start appreciating
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Complex Problem? Simple Solution

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2020
We think of ourselves as complicated people.

We believe we have complex problems.

We believe we need complicated solutions to our complicated problems.

This is not so.

We have an ability to think.

Our thinking is not reality, it is an ability which allows us to experience our (personal) reality.

Your reality seems very real to you, that is it's function.

You will be tricked by this all the time.

Once you realise, at a level deeper than intellectual, that you experience a moment to moment life, coloured by the lens of the ‘internal, unchosen’ weather of your mood you will understand more of the time that you don't see the world/life as it is, you see it as you are in the moment.

It has been said…

“You don't have a problem, you have a thinking problem”.

Are there trials and tribulations in life? Of course there are.

The fact remains, you can never feel a trial or tribulation, you can only ever feel your thinking about a trial or tribulation.

You feel your...
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The Universal Intelligence of Life

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2020
Have you ever been for a walk in nature and really taken the time to look around you?

You are surrounded by life. Everywhere you look, life.

You are surrounded by the universal intelligence of life.

You are the universal intelligence of life.

Everywhere you look, life abounds.

You are not separate from that life, that life is you and you are that life.

You only feel separate because you are bound by your own skin, bound by your memories, bound by your thoughts.

You are life, and life is you.

Once you really understand this, you will feel more and more at one with the universal intelligence of life.

You will have felt this connection before.

When you looked into a newborn baby eyes and felt the connection to all living things.

When you were left breathless at the raw beauty of nature you felt connected to all living things.

When you became lost in thought in the presence of beauty you felt connected to all living things.

This connection is always there.

The experience of connection is...
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Original Thought

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2020
An insight is an original thought.

A thought that has never before come to your mind.

All of our creations come from original thought.

Somebody, somewhere had an original thought which lead to many of the things you have used today to make your life easier.

In the kitchen, on the road, at work, at play, your world is filled with the fruits of original thought.

The people who had the original thoughts that lead to these things in your life are no more skilled at having original thought than you are.

The difference in most cases is that they took action based on their original thought.

How many times have you had an inspiration which you have ignored?

Was it because the whiny voice of your small self, your ego whispered in your ear “you? create that? It'll go wrong, you'll be wasting your time, what if they laugh at you? No, it's best to stay small, to not draw attention to yourself. Don't worry, I'll protect you as long as you don't go outside your comfort zone”.

What if...
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Mind Reading

Uncategorized Dec 25, 2019
You are thinker of your thoughts.

The thoughts you think just bubble into your mind.

Thought is an ability not a reality.

You do not have control over the thoughts that bubble into your head.

You do have (some) control over what you do with the thoughts that bubble into your head.

I make the above points again in order to help you understand this…

You have absolutely no idea what ‘others’ are thinking.

As soon as you begin to ‘mind read’ another person you can do no more than project your contaminated thinking onto them and then decide it must be coming from them.

This is not possible.

You feel the quality of your thinking 100% of the time, you feel their thinking 0% of the time.

What you believe is happening ‘out there’ is always a reflection of your own thinking and not their thinking.

About the author 

Peter McLinton is a Clarity (3P) Coach and...

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Living In The Past

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019
Memories can be fun, painful, informative, helpful, not helpful, sad, happy, useful and many more things.

What memories can't be however is the past.

A memory is a thought you carry through time to have in this very moment, the only moment you are alive.

Memory is thought taking form in the moment you are in and not the moments you used to be in.

Therefore, it follows, that although memory is incredibly useful it can have no actual power over you in this moment.

Memory has the power to inform, not to control.

If you find yourself dwelling on times past, if you find yourself using the words ‘if only’ remember this.

It can never be the past again, it truly has gone.

It can only ever be this very moment.

Learn from the past but be present.

The past has no power to make you think or feel anything.

The past does not exist.

Memory does not have the power to make you think or feel anything.

You, and most humankind, use memory as a weapon to beat yourself up with in the present...
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Confidence is Silent, Insecurities are Loud

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2019
So many people are looking to be confident.

So many people misunderstand what confidence is.

Confidence isn't the ability to stand on a stage and perform.

Confidence isn't the ability to lead.

Confidence isn't the ability to fight for your rights.

Confidence is purely and simply…

Being at peace with who you are.

Who you really are is love.

Who you really are is resilience.

Who you really are is peace.

When your ego, you're sense of your ‘little’ self, gets in the way and whispers small, protective stories in your ear to tell you that you lack one of two things can happen…

You shy away completely or you get loud to overcompensate.

When you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are magnificent (and you are) then you will simply show up, know you are love(d) and be yourself.

Rely on the perfect silence of your perfect self and remember…

Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud
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Safe & Happy

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2019
Despite Appearances to the Contrary

Generally speaking…

Mankind has never been safer
Mankind has never been healthier
Mankind has never been as connected
Mankind has never had easier access to information
Mankind has never had such a long life expectancy
Mankind has never had it easier

And yet….

You wouldn't know that if you read some social media posts nowadays.


Because people are looking to be scared so that they can stay safe.

It's good to stay safe from real threats

What most people do is attempt to stay safe from imaginary threats.

They imagine an unsafe existence and then attempt to stay safe from their imagination.

Of course this is not to say bad things don't happen, of course they do, however for the vast majority of your life you are perfectly okay in this moment, the only moment you are alive.

You are able to meander off to an imagined future in your mind and scare yourself with a story you make up about that future but that is all it is….a story.

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Live On Purpose

Are you still waiting to find your purpose?

Are you still treading water until the day the postman delivers your envelope which contains a note which reads ‘

‘your purpose is as follows….’

Many people wait their whole lives for their purpose….

waiting to be told what it is…

Waiting to be asked to do ‘it’.

What if you woke up one day and realised that life itself has no purpose?

On first examination that seems like a very bleak statement however it is actually a remarkably freeing statement once you've sat with it a while.

I'll explain.

‘Life has no meaning other than which you give it’.

The truth is that you and you alone have the power to give your life meaning.

The past cannot give your life meaning as it no longer exists.

Knowledge that the past can have no power over you will free you.

The future has no power to give your life meaning as it simply does not exist…

The future is an unknown equation and is promised to no...
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