Tiptoeing through life?

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2020

Are too many of your days just like a Groundhog Day?

Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat.....

Today, do the thing you don’t Normally do

Think the things you don’t normally think

You are a story you make up about yourself

Make yourself a good story

Stop ‘playing it safe’ for fear of what ‘they’ think

Move forward with love

Love for yourself, love for others, love for the world

Love for the gift of your life

Too many tiptoe through life hoping to make it safely to death

Do not be one of the too many



About the author 

Peter McLinton is a Clarity (3P) Coach and mentor.

He trained with world renowned 3P coach and author Jamie Smart at Regents University in London.

Peter has personally guided hundreds of people to a happier, healthier and more productive life.

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3 Simple Truths

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2020

Three Simple Truths

You are alive

You think

You are aware

It is through these simple truths that you are able to experience your life.

To condense these spiritual facts further;

‘Life is what you think it is’

Whatever shape your life is taking is entirely created by the quality of your thinking in the moment.

You are mostly unaware of this fact.

You are far more aware of other people's ‘misguided realities’ than you ever could be of your own.

This is because your version of reality seems so incredibly real (which is its job).

However, when you realise at an instinctive level that your reality is an ego created mask to protect you from your own flourishes of imagination, you are free to let you imagination run wild, following only the thoughts that best serve you.



About the author 

Peter McLinton is a Clarity (3P) Coach and mentor.

He trained with world renowned 3P coach and...

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Thinking About Thinking

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2020

Thinking About Thinking

The problem is not that we think

‘Thinking is an ability not a reality’

The problem is that we think about our thinking

We obsess about the content of our thinking

We believe that our thinking is trying to tell us something (real) about the world ‘out there’

Thought is a creative energy

It is not a fixed reality

You think…fact

You feel thought and nothing else…fact

You realise this spiritual fact and you will find peace

You split thought and feeling (believe your feelings are dependent on something ‘out there’) you will live in turmoil

Just as fish swimming in the ocean do not realise it is water

You do not realise you are swimming in an ocean of thought

When you glimpse this as a spiritual fact it will shake the very foundations of your existence



About the author 

Peter McLinton is a Clarity (3P) Coach and mentor.


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Do Not Create Pain

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2020

Do Not Create Pain

In this present moment, which is the only moment you will ever have…

Do not create pain

Do not create pain for yourself

Do not create pain for others

This is what the world needs

It needs you to be at peace with yourself

At peace with others

At peace with life

You, like many others, create pain for yourself in order to stay safe from an imagined world ‘out there’

You create pain by looking to the past and dredging up old, dead stories about long gone slights, long passed misdemeanours in order to stay safe in the present moment

You create pain by looking to a future filled with repeats of your ‘terrible’ past

You create pain so that you have something to identify with

Why would you do a cruel thing like that to yourself?

Why would you do that to the only life you have?

You have only this moment

In this very moment, what is lacking?

Only one thing for the vast majority of your life

The only thing lacking in this very moment is you


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Creativity Emerges From Novelty

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020

“Endless possibilities exist just beyond your belief system”


You are the point at which infinite creative potential meets form

You are held back from the infinite potential you are by your own personal thoughts

These personal thoughts are what you hold to be ‘reality’

They are your personal reality

Creativity sits just over the edge of your personal reality

Because your are infinite potential incarnate, it stands to reason that the more you lean into the edges of your idea of how the world works, the more creative you will become

The more creative you become, the more the world will open up to you

The more the world opens up to you, the more you will lean into the edges of your idea of how the world works…….

Creativity does not exist in you repeating the patterns of what you already know

Creativity emerges from novelty

Experiment with the possibility that there is always a different way of looking at the glory that is your existence


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Your Mind is Like a Parachute....

Uncategorized May 26, 2020

It works best when it is open

Because we fear the unknown we like to think that there is an end to what is new and undiscovered about ourselves

When we think we are a finished closed book, we cease to be fascinated by our existence, we cease to be fascinated with possibilities, we cease to feel truly alive.

When we close off the possibility that we can thrive and grow in any direction we choose, we start to believe that our thoughts and feelings are who we really are.

You are far more than you think you are

When our busy, self validating Mind calms down enough for us to hear the wisdom coming through, this is when the universe speaks through you

The universe is you

You are not separate from it

You can feel separate from it but you are not separate….ever

The idea that you are separate from from all life around you is the hardest work you will ever do

When you accept that you are a drop in the ocean of life and that every drop in the ocean is still the ocean then you will...

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Take Action Now!

Uncategorized May 19, 2020

“When there is a hill to climb, don’t think that waiting will make it any smaller”


Waiting until the ‘right time’

Waiting until you ‘feel like it’

Waiting until Monday

Waiting until next month

Waiting until the New Year

Waiting until you reach 30….40….50….60………….

There really is only now

If you know you really need to achieve something why wait until you ‘feel like it’

Your ego will always try to conserve your mental and physical energies

It doesn't care about the thing that ‘must/should’ be done

It likes easy

The only good thing about something being easy is that it is easy

No personal growth came from ‘easy’

Nobody you admire has achieved what they have by choosing ‘easy’

When you work at something that is hard, eventually it will be done and/or get easier.

Pushing the edges of your comfort zone is how you grow

Staying still and...

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A Future Imagined

Uncategorized May 12, 2020

“Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable”

Theodore N Vail

Just as a depressed person lives in the past

An anxious person lives in the future.

There is no other time but this very moment.

This means that the person who lives in the past lives in a memory

A memory is not the past

A memory is a thought that you have about the past….now

An anxious person does not live in the future

An anxious person lives in their imagination

An imagination of a future ‘gone wrong’

An anxious person spends so much time in their imagination of a future ‘gone wrong’ they forget to notice they are in a present moment in which they are perfectly ok.

The future they were once anxious about has become the present moment that they are perfectly ok in

Remember, the future is an unknown equation

You can never ‘know’ the future

You can only ‘imagine’ the future

Guard your imagination

It is a wonderful friend when...

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Blame No One

Uncategorized May 05, 2020

“Blame no one, expect nothing, do something”

Gene Valano

Blame No One

It is for you to choose to lead a blameless life.

Don’t blame others for your experience of your life.

You are the creator.

You are the only person who gets to experience your life.

There is just you

There is just here

There is just now.

This is YOUR life

A life you are creating 100% of the time through the power of Thought

Take responsibility for your own life.

Expect Nothing

The universe owes you nothing.

You have been given the gift of life

You have been sustained in that life

You have been given the power to perceive your life in whatever way you choose.

The world does not owe you

You owe the world

Take responsibility for your own life

Do Something

Don't wait for your life to ‘start’, it has already started

It is here

It is now

Take action toward a life of your choice

It doesn't matter how small that action is

Take action

Life owes you nothing but it will deliver everything you need if you begin to...

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Grateful & Graceful

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2020

“The only trick in life is to be grateful for your highs and graceful with your lows”

Richard Carlson

The quality of your thinking really is like the weather.

You are not in control of the (real) weather.

You are not in control of your (thinking) weather.

You got weather

Sometimes the weather of your thinking is pleasant

Sometimes the weather of your thinking is stormy

Sometimes the weather of your thinking is sunny

Sometimes the weather of your thinking is dull

When you understand that the weather of your thinking is just ‘passing through’ and you not in any way obliged to give the weather of your thinking (outside - in) meaning, the weather of your so called ‘bad’ thinking will pass through with less fuss.

When you understand that you live in the feeling of your thinking in this very moment and in each and every moment of you entire life.

When you understand that you are not in control of the ‘fact of thought’ (you think because you are...

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