Confidence is Silent, Insecurities are Loud

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2019
So many people are looking to be confident.

So many people misunderstand what confidence is.

Confidence isn't the ability to stand on a stage and perform.

Confidence isn't the ability to lead.

Confidence isn't the ability to fight for your rights.

Confidence is purely and simply…

Being at peace with who you are.

Who you really are is love.

Who you really are is resilience.

Who you really are is peace.

When your ego, you're sense of your ‘little’ self, gets in the way and whispers small, protective stories in your ear to tell you that you lack one of two things can happen…

You shy away completely or you get loud to overcompensate.

When you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are magnificent (and you are) then you will simply show up, know you are love(d) and be yourself.

Rely on the perfect silence of your perfect self and remember…

Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud
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Safe & Happy

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2019
Despite Appearances to the Contrary

Generally speaking…

Mankind has never been safer
Mankind has never been healthier
Mankind has never been as connected
Mankind has never had easier access to information
Mankind has never had such a long life expectancy
Mankind has never had it easier

And yet….

You wouldn't know that if you read some social media posts nowadays.


Because people are looking to be scared so that they can stay safe.

It's good to stay safe from real threats

What most people do is attempt to stay safe from imaginary threats.

They imagine an unsafe existence and then attempt to stay safe from their imagination.

Of course this is not to say bad things don't happen, of course they do, however for the vast majority of your life you are perfectly okay in this moment, the only moment you are alive.

You are able to meander off to an imagined future in your mind and scare yourself with a story you make up about that future but that is all it is….a story.

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Live On Purpose

Are you still waiting to find your purpose?

Are you still treading water until the day the postman delivers your envelope which contains a note which reads ‘

‘your purpose is as follows….’

Many people wait their whole lives for their purpose….

waiting to be told what it is…

Waiting to be asked to do ‘it’.

What if you woke up one day and realised that life itself has no purpose?

On first examination that seems like a very bleak statement however it is actually a remarkably freeing statement once you've sat with it a while.

I'll explain.

‘Life has no meaning other than which you give it’.

The truth is that you and you alone have the power to give your life meaning.

The past cannot give your life meaning as it no longer exists.

Knowledge that the past can have no power over you will free you.

The future has no power to give your life meaning as it simply does not exist…

The future is an unknown equation and is promised to no...
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Get Over Yourself

One of the greatest favours you can do yourself is to ‘get over yourself’.

The universe doesn't exist for you

You are not separate from it, you are a part of it, it lives through and with you.

Your separateness is an ego construction.

Each and every problem you have ever or will have has at its core ‘poor little me’. The very moment you are able to see your connection to everything it makes no sense to have to defend, justify, embellish or polish your connected perfection.

You can enjoy your life

You can still have wants, needs and desires but the difference is that the wants, needs and desires don't come from a place of lacking, they come from a place of enjoyable fulfilment.

There is nothing else you need to be.

You are already everything you could possible need to be.

All you need to do is be open to growth.

Not to growth because you are not enough yet but to growth because it's an adventure.

You don't need anything/anyone else in order to be enough in...
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Thought Machine

You don't have any control over the fact that you breathe (although you can control your breath…to some degree).

You don't have control over the fact that your stomach can digest food (although you can control what you put in it…to some degree).

You don’t have control over the fact that you think (although you can control what you do with the thoughts you have…to some degree).

The universal principle of thought is the energy of thought and thought is the price you pay for being conscious.

I'll make the above paragraph clearer for you.

Have you ever been under anaesthetic?

When you were under, how much time did you spend worrying about paying the electricity bill or the row you had that morning with your significant other?



Because you have to be conscious to have a thought.

Therefore if you are conscious, you think.

You are not in control of the fact that you think, you simply do.

You are not even in control of the content of your thinking. Random...
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Take Responsibility

Who Do You Think You Are?

If we perceive the world outside of us as reality (which is in fact an internal construct) and we come to terms with this fact then there is something else that is well worth your consideration.

My own personal idea of me, your own personal idea of you is also an internal construct.

To put it another way

You make you up.

Let that sink in for a while….

You make you up

I call it the ‘legend of me’.

People will fight you to the death for the right to proclaim that the ‘legend of me’ is real.

They will put up a fight for their self created identity even if they are not enjoying it.


Because they fear that if they had to admit that the character they choose to become on a daily basis is somehow lacking they will have to take personal responsibility for the fact.

They can no longer blame…

The past
Other people
The situation they find themselves in

In other words they can no longer blame ‘out there’ for how they are...
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Life Isn't Linear

Despite appearances to the contrary, life isn't linear.

When we believe that our life is linear we believe that we are taking steps toward something.

That we are taking steps toward a better life in the future. A future when we are ‘enough’.

When you realise that we are living a moment to moment life, always present, always potential, then it makes no sense to postpone happiness until we have taken the correct ‘steps’.

This isn't to say that we don't have to take action towards a goal.

If you feel drawn toward an achievement and it instinctively ‘feels right’ then begin to take action toward that goal.

However don’t think that your wellbeing can ever be dependent on reaching that goal.

There really is nowhere to get to, you are already there, already ‘here’, already ‘home’.

You are already in the only moment you are ever alive

This moment.

Yes you can shape the moments of your life so that you can enjoy the fact of...
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Personal Reality

We create our version of reality in our own mind.

This reality is personal.

This reality is created using the lens of our personal experiences.

We build up our very own ‘map of the world’ and use it to project onto the world how we feel about it.

‘The map is not the territory’.

Your unique map of how you think life works is personal to you.

Sometimes it serves you, sometimes it doesn't.

Realise the following…

You can change your map in an instant

Your personal map of the world is a construct of your ego

In a very real way, your map of the world is a tale you tell yourself.

You tell yourself this tale in order to stay safe.

You are attempting to stay safe from imagined threats.

When it comes to real threats you are hard wired for survival.

Real threats happen in the moment.

Imagined threats happen in your imagination.

They are NEVER the same thing.

When you realise you are scaring yourself into a small life, your life can expand.

You don't need to live an...
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The intellect is a brilliant servant but a lousy master.

Your intellect is a tool

It is a tool for learning skills

Useful skills to help you navigate your life.

The very reason you are able to read these words is because of your amazing intellect.

The very reason I am able to write these words is because I am in possession of an amazing intellect too.

My intellect serves me well

Your intellect serves you well too

The very moment your intellect becomes a problem is when you believe that you have to use it to solve ‘life’.

Life isn't a creation of the intellect, the intellect is a creation of life.

When your intellect starts making up a future (negative) event in order to analyse it in order to protect you from harm remember this

Your are feeling your (intellect) thinking about a future that has not happened yet.

Have you ever said ‘when it came round to it, it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be’?

That is because you chose to believe your...
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The Big Bang Fact

You are entirely made up from material created at the moment of the Big Bang.

You are ‘powered’ by the same energy released at the moment of the Big Bang.

Everything you think comes from the energy of creation that was released at the moment of the Big Bang.

You have, at the very core of your being a universal intelligence that has, is and always will be ‘running the show’.

This universal intelligence lives in you and in all things you perceive around you.

It is an impersonal intelligence.

It knows nothing about you.

This is because you are a story you get to make up about the coincidence of stars that you call ‘me’.

You possess the gift of self awareness and the ability to make up who you are.

The universal intelligence of life doesn't know who you are.

It knows not who's heart it beats.

It knows not who's lungs it fills.

It knows not who's food it digests.

It doesn't know who you are, it knows ‘that you are’.

It simply and...
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