Bring Me The Horizon

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2020
Imagine you are sitting on a beach, looking out to sea.

It is a calm day.

Your eyes are fixed on the horizon.

High and dry on the beach near you is a small rowing boat.

Transfixed by the horizon, you decide that you will be happy when you reach it.

All your hopes, dreams and desires will be met if only you could get to the horizon.

You decide to ‘go for it’.

You drag the rowing boat into the water and you head off toward the horizon.

After some time you think ‘I must be there by now’.

You look up.

The horizon is still ahead of you.

You look back toward the beach.

You can no longer see it.

The beach has disappeared over the horizon.

You are on the horizon you were aiming for when you set off and yet, ahead of you is the horizon.

There really is is nowhere to get to.

You are already on the horizon of your yesterday's.

Ideals are like horizons

Great for setting a direction but they should never be treated as a destination.

There is only this moment.

You are surrounded by the horizon, in all directions.

The only question is…

Which direction would you like to head off in?

There is nowhere to get to

Just action to take in the moment

The only moment you ever have

This moment

About the author 

Peter McLinton is a Clarity (3P) Coach and mentor.

He trained with world renowned 3P coach and author Jamie Smart at Regents University in London.

Peter has personally guided hundreds of people to a happier, healthier and more productive life.

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