Living In The Past

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019
Memories can be fun, painful, informative, helpful, not helpful, sad, happy, useful and many more things.

What memories can't be however is the past.

A memory is a thought you carry through time to have in this very moment, the only moment you are alive.

Memory is thought taking form in the moment you are in and not the moments you used to be in.

Therefore, it follows, that although memory is incredibly useful it can have no actual power over you in this moment.

Memory has the power to inform, not to control.

If you find yourself dwelling on times past, if you find yourself using the words ‘if only’ remember this.

It can never be the past again, it truly has gone.

It can only ever be this very moment.

Learn from the past but be present.

The past has no power to make you think or feel anything.

The past does not exist.

Memory does not have the power to make you think or feel anything.

You, and most humankind, use memory as a weapon to beat yourself up with in the present moment.

It doesn't feel like a choice when you find yourself dwelling on the ‘if only’s’ but, at a level of deep personal realisation it really is a choice.

Choose not to dwell, choose to learn.
Choose not to freeze, choose to flourish.
Choose not the past, choose the present.

Choose be be fully alive NOW

About the author 

Peter McLinton is a Clarity (3P) Coach and mentor.

He trained with world renowned 3P coach and author Jamie Smart at Regents University in London.

Peter has personally guided hundreds of people to a happier, healthier and more productive life.

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