The Universal Intelligence of Life

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2020
Have you ever been for a walk in nature and really taken the time to look around you?

You are surrounded by life. Everywhere you look, life.

You are surrounded by the universal intelligence of life.

You are the universal intelligence of life.

Everywhere you look, life abounds.

You are not separate from that life, that life is you and you are that life.

You only feel separate because you are bound by your own skin, bound by your memories, bound by your thoughts.

You are life, and life is you.

Once you really understand this, you will feel more and more at one with the universal intelligence of life.

You will have felt this connection before.

When you looked into a newborn baby eyes and felt the connection to all living things.

When you were left breathless at the raw beauty of nature you felt connected to all living things.

When you became lost in thought in the presence of beauty you felt connected to all living things.

This connection is always there.

The experience of connection is transitory, the fact of connection is permanent.

Sometimes you feel disconnected, but connection is permanent, connection is always, connection is forever.

If you come to accept that you are connected to all things and any separateness you feel is merely an ego thought you are having, your life will flow.
You will float along with the River of life rather than frantically attempting to swim upstream.

the Universal intelligence of life will wrap its arms around you, you will be cared for, you will be loved.

You are love.

About the author 

Peter McLinton is a Clarity (3P) Coach and mentor.

He trained with world renowned 3P coach and author Jamie Smart at Regents University in London.

Peter has personally guided hundreds of people to a happier, healthier and more productive life.

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