Live On Purpose

Are you still waiting to find your purpose?

Are you still treading water until the day the postman delivers your envelope which contains a note which reads ‘

‘your purpose is as follows….’

Many people wait their whole lives for their purpose….

waiting to be told what it is…

Waiting to be asked to do ‘it’.

What if you woke up one day and realised that life itself has no purpose?

On first examination that seems like a very bleak statement however it is actually a remarkably freeing statement once you've sat with it a while.

I'll explain.

‘Life has no meaning other than which you give it’.

The truth is that you and you alone have the power to give your life meaning.

The past cannot give your life meaning as it no longer exists.

Knowledge that the past can have no power over you will free you.

The future has no power to give your life meaning as it simply does not exist…

The future is an unknown equation and is promised to no...
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Get Over Yourself

One of the greatest favours you can do yourself is to ‘get over yourself’.

The universe doesn't exist for you

You are not separate from it, you are a part of it, it lives through and with you.

Your separateness is an ego construction.

Each and every problem you have ever or will have has at its core ‘poor little me’. The very moment you are able to see your connection to everything it makes no sense to have to defend, justify, embellish or polish your connected perfection.

You can enjoy your life

You can still have wants, needs and desires but the difference is that the wants, needs and desires don't come from a place of lacking, they come from a place of enjoyable fulfilment.

There is nothing else you need to be.

You are already everything you could possible need to be.

All you need to do is be open to growth.

Not to growth because you are not enough yet but to growth because it's an adventure.

You don't need anything/anyone else in order to be enough in...
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