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What are the Three Principles?

The Three Principles 

The Principle of Mind:
Look around you and it will become quickly clear that there is an energy and intelligence behind life.

It has always existed, well before your appearance on this planet and it will exist long after life has left you but this intelligence is not ‘in control’ – it has no point of view, no moral imperative. It exists to ensure that 'life will continue'

It ensures that your heart will keep beating, seeds grow into plants and babies (of all species) will continue to be born.

The Principle of Consciousness:
You have a capacity to be aware of your life and yourself.

This is a capacity which is innate in all human beings, the ability to be aware of oneself.

It is a universal phenomenon which has been a part of our species psychological make up for millennia.

Your level of awareness at any given moment in your life determines the quality of your experience of your life.

The Principle of Thought:
We create your own individual and very personal experience of reality via the principle of thought.

Everything 'out there' is moulded within your psychology into your version of reality.

Thought is the missing link between the formless world of pure potentiality and the created world of form.

These principles were first brought to light by a Scottish welder named Sydney Banks.

he had an enlightened experience and in that experience he glimpsed a deeper truth about how life really works.

This is how he spoke about them in his book The Missing Link:

“The Universal Mind, or the impersonal mind, is constant and unchangeable. The personal mind is in a perpetual state of change. All humans have the inner ability to synchronize their personal mind with their impersonal mind to bring harmony into their lives.”

Consciousness is the gift of awareness. Consciousness allows the recognition of form, form being the expression of Thought… Mental health lies within the consciousness of all human beings, but it is shrouded and held prisoner by our own erroneous thoughts. This is why we must look past our contaminated thoughts to find the purity and wisdom that lies inside our own consciousness.”

Thought is the creative agent we use to direct us through life. Thought is the master key that opens the world of reality to all living creatures. Thought is not reality; yet it is through Thought that our realities are created.”

So what does this all mean?

It means that there is an extraordinary creative potential that lies largely dormant inside human beings that can become a factor in every area of our lives…

So what does this mean for you?

It means that there is an incredible  creative potential that lies largely largely unrealised within you and all humanity which, once realised can become a positive factor in every area of your life…


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